Rodney Hudson, OG/OC, Florida State

Scouting reports of the centers, guards, and tackles in the 2011 Draft.
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Rodney Hudson, OG/OC, Florida State

Postby Pudge » Sun Feb 13, 2011 1:11 am

Florida State Senior
40: 5.15 (estimated)


Has quick hands and gets into his set quickly, to initiate contact with defender. Can be a mauler in a short area and does a good job locking on in pass protection. Plays with good base, and hard to bull rush. Shows good pop as a run blocker and able to get position. Packs nice power in smaller frame, and shows some ability as a drive blocker. Can wall off defender and get the seal to create an alley for the running back. Does a good job cut blocking ont he second level and hits most of his assignments there. Comfortable pulling and hits most of his assignments there. Does a nice job getting downfield on screens and shows ability to move and adjust in space. Plays with a lot of mean streak, finishes his blocks. Drives defender to the ground, and I've seen him injured linebackers with his cut blocking.


Doesn't have great footwork, and not as effective if you can get him playing on his heels. Has short arms and he can get caught overextending. Doesn't have the ideal strength and size to get a ton of push as a run blocker.


A four-year starter for Florida State, logging 48 starts, all except one at left guard. He started the bowl game as a freshman at left tackle. Hudson is a technically sound, tough, and consistent interior blocker that if not for his lack of ideal size would be considered a top-tier guard. He isn't going to be a great fit in most schemes as a guard, but can potentially play as a center in any scheme. Played center in high school, but thanks in large part to consistency of Ryan McMahon at FSU, he was only limited to practice snaps at that position.


Alex Gibbs would love this guy, and he would have fit right at home on the old Denver Bronco lines with guys like Tom Nalen and Mark Schlereth in the 90s. In a zone blocking scheme that puts a premium on quickness, athleticism, and position blocking, he can shine. But there aren't as many schemes like that in the pros anymore. And for most teams he would fit better as a center. He doesn't have a ton of experience playing there, but flashes all the tools you're looking for with a center, with his sound technique, very quick hands, and good power in a short area. He's a guy that is at home blocking ont he move and on the second level, and due to his experience at guard, is the rare caliber of center that can be effective on an island. As a center prospect, his potential is somewhere between LeCharles Bentley and Olin Kreutz, both Pro Bowlers. As a guard, he can be a good player but only if he plays in a zone blocking scheme that is Gibbs-esque. I think he's going to be a solid pro that should have the versatility to play all three interior positions and be a good if not top level starter.


Hudson fits best as a center for the Falcons. He would make a good heir apparent to McClure, even better than Hawley because he's a superior athlete and has more power and pop in a short area. He would work well in Atlanta because of his mean streak and toughness, something that Boudreau would love. As a guard prospect, he wouldn't be as good. He could be an effective starter, but to maximize his skillset it would likely require the Falcons to go to a more zone-oriented blocking scheme, which would likely require a change at running back to a bit more of an explosive back than Turner or anyone currently on the roster going forward. More than likely, he would be a backup at guard, but has the potential to be a top-notch pivot man for years to come.


If a team works him out as a center and likes what they see, then I wouldn't have a problem if they took him in the latter part of the first round. Otherwise, because he's not completely proven in that realm, he's probably a solid second rounder.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Strength: 3.0
Pass Blocking: 3.5
Run Blocking: 4.0
Footwork: 2.5
Technique: 4.0
Mobility: 4.0
Mean Streak: 4.5
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