Andrew Jackson, OG, Fresno State

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Andrew Jackson, OG, Fresno State

Postby Pudge » Thu Jan 27, 2011 12:44 pm

Fresno State Senior
40: 5.30 (estimated)


Plays with mean streak and does a good job finishing his blocks. Gets his hands up quickly in his pass set and initiates contact. Is comfortable moving and adjusting in space with above average footwork. Shows potential as a drive blocker, able to keep his feet moving and good when taking on linebackers. Shows decent ability to pull.


Needs to improve his hand use, whiffing on his punch in pass protection at times. Lacks ideal athleticism and footwork. Doesn't have the size or strength to really get push up front as a run blocker. Will miss some assignments on the second level or when asked to pull.


He was highly rated going into this year because of him having a strong season and the emergence of Ryan Matthews in 2009. Started his first three years at right guard, but only started 3 games this past year because he missed most of the year with a high ankle sprain. Also had to deal with back issues before his junior season raising concerns about durability.


The injury limited Jackson, but in the game I saw which was his first game back, he looked fairly good even though he probably wasn't 100%. He has potential, and while he won't be a great run blocker at the next level until he gets stronger, he looks like a solid zone blocking guard that can be a solid starter down the line. He's a guy that I suspect will stick as a reserve during his first few years, but by his third or fourth year should be competing and potentially landing a starting role. He probably could also play some center if given the chance. So at the very least he should be a nice swing guard and reserve, with starting potential down the line.


Jackson could compete for a starting role eventually in Atlanta, but would probably require him to get bigger and stronger. He'd make a nice backup in Atlanta with the potential to be the heir apparent to Dahl at right guard. If he couldn't beat out Reynolds for a reserve spot as a rookie, he certainly would make the practice squad with an eye that next year he could land a backup spot and by the time his rookie contract expires should be well-entrenched as a reserve if not finally getting a shot as a starter. Long-term he isn't going to be a stud, but can be an above average starter in the same sort of mold as Dahl.


Jackson is a nice middle round pick that because of the injuries probably push him from a fourth to a fifth rounder.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Strength: 2.5
Pass Blocking: 3.0
Run Blocking: 2.5
Footwork: 3.0
Technique: 3.0
Mobility: 3.0
Mean Streak: 3.5
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