Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin

Scouting reports of the centers, guards, and tackles in the 2011 Draft.
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Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin

Postby OGDraft » Wed Jan 12, 2011 6:42 pm

Height: 6’7
Weight: 322
College: Wisconsin
40 Time: 5.15
Class: Senior
Projected: 2nd Round


Gabe Carimi entered the season as the #1 rated OT but has seen his stock slide. This is in part because people have realized he may not be able to play LT in the NFL. He is really talented and at the very worst he’ll be a good RT in the NFL. However he’ll struggle with speed rushers in the NFL that can beat him with speed to the outside and counter moves. He is a great run blocker though, and he has great size. Some have said he may have to move inside at Guard and while that is a possibility, I think he is capable of playing RT successfully.

Scouting Report:


- Great size
- Very experienced
- Highly decorated athlete
- Good athleticism for his size
- Strong upper and lower body
- Good initial punch
- Gets a good push in the run game
- Great leverage as a run blocker
- Quick first step
- Takes good angles
- Moves well laterally to mirror pass rushers
- Does a good job of getting to the second level
- Looks good when working in space
- Great work ethic


- Bends at the waist too much
- Finds himself on the ground a lot
- Struggles to sustain blocks at times
- Has some lapses in pass protection where he doesn’t move his feet well
- Lets defenders get leverage on him in pass protection sometimes
- Susceptible to inside moves because he leans into the defender and loses his balance
- Will struggle with speed rushers in the NFL
- Doesn’t have much of a “mean streak”
- Has had some minor injuries throughout his career

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Strength: 4.0
Pass Blocking: 3.0
Run Blocking: 4.0
Footwork: 3.5
Technique: 3.0
Mobility: 3.5
Mean Streak: 2.5
Pro Potential: 4.0
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Re: Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin

Postby Pudge » Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:36 pm

Wisconsin Senior
40: 5.27


Has good size and strength and it shows in the ground game. Has good pop off the snap and is able to get some push. Shows potential as a drive blocker. Can dominate against linebackers on the second level. Sets up well in pass protection, bends his knees, and does a nice job initiating contact on the edge. Uses hands fairly well and can lock on. Uses that well to defend against the inside counter move and can adjust in space. Hard to get around the edge due to his size and arm length. Shows enough athleticism to get outside and pull and hit many of his assignments. Shows potential as a cut blocker. Shows mean streak and does a good job finishing his blocks.


Doesn't match up well against speed because he doesn't have great feet. Opens up his stance a bit too early. Can give up some ground to the bull rush. Will bend his waist at times. Doesn't always deliver a great punch on the edge and can get better there. Will overextend at times and lose footing in pass protection. Not the best athlete when he's out in space and trying to block in the open field.


Carimi is a fairly solid run blocker and plays with pretty good technique and toughness in pass protection. He doesn't have the swiftest feet or best athleticism, but because of his size, strength, and pretty solid technique he's a good pass protector. But he could have some issues at the next level where he will see a dramatic increase in the caliber of athlete he'll face on the left side. But he does fit well on the right side. He started all 49 games he played in at left tackle, but missed 3 games as a sophomore with a knee injury.


Carimi should be a successful NFL starter. HIs run blocking alone is going to keep him employed. While I'm not giong to say he's going to be a dominant run blocker, I do think he can be one of the better run blocking tackles in the league ala someone like a Jon Runyan. I think Carimi can be a serviceable left tackle in the right scheme, but it will likely require him playing beside a solid, veteran left guard (like Joe Thomas came into the league with Eric Steinbach), and being in a man-heavy blocking scheme that emphasizes the running game. But he's one of those players that I think it's probably smarter to start him on the right side and then move him to the left side once he gains some experience like we saw with players like Michael Roos and Jammal Brown. I don't think it will be an issue and I think at worst he'll probably be an above average pass protector when all is said and done, but I do think that if he does struggle there, you can always move him inside to guard. With his size, strength, and ability to use his strong hands and long arms in a short area, I think he can be an outstanding guard in the same way that Leonard Davis has been at times in Dallas. I think as far as his NFL potential goes, he'll be in that Tyson Clabo, Vernon Carey, Sebastian Vollmer, Andrew Whitworth type of guy that isn't flashy, but quietly goes about executing his job at a fairly high level each and every week.


Carimi offers a significant upgrade over Baker as far as a run blocker goes and probably also is a better run blocker than Clabo. And he would fit Atlanta's blocking scheme because it's similar to what Wisconsin does. The problem is that Carimi isn't any better equipped than Baker to handle the top speed rushers at left tackle. While he has superior size and strength, because of his slower feet he would need to play with much more consistent technique. He would be a very good fit to replace Clabo if the Falcons were to lose him. He could definitely push Baker and is the caliber of player that would eventually find a role with the Falcons at some point down the line, but until the left guard position was solidified and stabilized, I don't think the Falcons could fully trust him as their starting left tackle. There's no guarantee he would start before 2013. But at least with that amount of time and development, the hope would be that he could grow enough that he could potentially be a starting option at that point at four positions up front rather than just one or two.


Carimi is definitely a first round talent because of his ability to be a top right tackle, and offers some upside to play on the left side. Unless a team was really hurting for a top run-blocking right tackle, I probably think he'd be a reach in the Top 20, but certainly could and should go somewhere between pick No. 20 and 32.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Strength: 4.0
Pass Blocking: 3.5
Run Blocking: 4.0
Footwork: 3.0
Technique: 3.5
Mobility: 3.0
Mean Streak: 3.5
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