Martell Webb, TE, Michigan

Scouting reports of the tight ends in the 2011 Draft.
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Martell Webb, TE, Michigan

Postby Pudge » Sat Apr 09, 2011 6:03 pm

Michigan Senior
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Usually hits his assignments as an H-back. Shows ability as a lead blocker up the middle. Is able to get position in space. Able to make the seal blocker as an inline blocker. Has decent hands and can adjust to the throw in the flat. Shows ability to chip end or blitzer in pass protection.


Not as physical a blocker, particularly when inline as his size merits. Can take poor angles as a lead blocker and miss assignments out of the backfield. Whiffs on assignments when asked to pick up a blitzer off the corner. Doesn't maintain his blocks well, needing to improve his hands, allowing the linebacker to shed him at the point of attack. Doesn't show great pop or ability to get push as a straight-ahead in line blocker.


Webb has potential as a blocking tight end that is comfortable working as an H-back in space. But he contributes minimally in the passing game, and that's unlikely to change. Caught 9 passes for 111 yards (12.3 avg) and 2 scores during his Michigan career. Played predominantly special teams his first two years, earning three combined starts the past two seasons. Was a highly rated and productive 225-pound wide receiver in high school.


Webb can add depth and contribute as an H-back and No. 2 option. But he's not that valuable as a receiver besides being the occasional outlet receiver in the flat. He contributes as a blocker, but still needs work there, particularly with using his hands. He's probably not going to be the type of guy that develops the consistency to be a reliable option there. He's more likely to be a guy that is good enough to make a roster as a No. 3 in a scheme that likes to use H-backs, but he'll struggle to stick because he misses too many assignments. He's basically a guy that has the physical tools, but probably not the mental tools. He could be out of the league by his third summer unless he develops as a blocker and special teams performer.


Webb is more of a body that could push for a practice squad spot in Falcons camp. He could fill a similar niche and role as Palmer this past year as the No. 3 guy, but he's not any better. He has good size to develop, but he's probably at least two or three years away from being in a position where he could be a reliable reserve option for the Falcons. And that's time he's unlikely to get considering he's just average at best as a receiver.


Webb isn't worth drafting, but a team should bring him to camp and see if he can make some waves.

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