Konrad Reuland, TE, Stanford

Scouting reports of the tight ends in the 2011 Draft.
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Konrad Reuland, TE, Stanford

Postby Pudge » Sat Apr 09, 2011 6:03 pm

Stanford Senior
40: 4.80


A good outlet receiver with nice hands. Uses his size well to get position against the defender over the middle. Has enough speed to press the safety on the intermediate routes. Plays with pop as an inline blocker and is able to get position. Can make the seal block against the end. Is an effective blocker in space and working at H-back due to his size mainly.


Lacks speed and doesn't get a good, clean release off the line. Needs to improve his hand use and footwork as an inline blocker. Will miss some assignments on the second level. Less effective when you ask him to block as an H-back or out of the backfield as a lead blocker.


Reuland is a nice outlet receiver that has good size and potential as a blocker. He's only going to be a No. 2 at the next level, but can fit nicely into that role and have a long career. He was a NOtre Dame transfer after his sophomore year, who got very little playing time in two years at Notre Dame. He was a highly-touted 5-star recruit coming out of high school, but made little headway on Notre Dame's depth chart. He didn't start playing football until his sophomore year of high school, playing primarily basketball beforehand. As a junior at Stanford, he started 3 games and caught 6 passes for 142 yards (23.7 avg). As a senior, started 6 games with 21 catches for 209 yards (10.0 avg) and 1 touchdown as the No. 2 tight end mostly.


Reuland has potential to develop as a No. 2 guy. He has good size, decent speed, and nice hands. But his real value at the next level will be as a blocker. If he can develop there and become more polished, then he can have a Justin Peelle-like role as a No. 2 guy in almost any offense. He'll contribute in the passing game, but even in a starting position he's probably a guy that isn't going to give you more than 20-30 catches in a season. Instead, most years he'll probably add 10-15 grabs off the bench. It's all about his ability to improve as a blocker. He's always been about potential given that he wasn't super productive receiver in high school, and his college career never really panned out to be much. If NFL coaches can tap into that potential, then he can have a nice long career. If not, then he may struggle to move up the depth chart and be more of a No. 3 journeyman like a Tory Humphrey. He'll probably wind up being a journeyman and might take a few years before he really finds his stride in the same vein as someone like Will Heller.


Reuland would be a nice developmental option to replace Peelle as the No. 2 guy. Problem is that he probably won't make that contribution until his third or so season. Instead, he's more likely to land a practice squad spot, stick there for a year or two and then move up to the No. 3 role down the line. If he continues to develop as a blocker and receiver he can be a capable No. 2. But he's not really going to be more than that.


Reuland has enough talent and untapped potential that some team wouldn't be foolish if they took a chance on him in the sixth or seventh round. But you're probably better off waiting to sign him as an undrafted guy because he isn't a guarantee to make your roster and is a few years from making any significant contributions.

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