Mike McNeill, TE, Nebraska

Scouting reports of the tight ends in the 2011 Draft.
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Mike McNeill, TE, Nebraska

Postby Pudge » Sat Feb 12, 2011 4:15 pm

Nebraska Senior
40: 4.70 (estimated)


Has nice hands and shows good concentration. Has nice body control and will stretch for the ball. Has decent speed and shows some shiftiness after the catch. Gets a decent release when he works in the slot on the short routes. Is able to get some position as a run blocker in space.


Will let the ball get into his body and has some trouble adjusting to the ball when he has to stretch for it. Lacks ideal speed and lacks good burst out of his cuts when he has to plant his foot on the ins and outs. Doesn't always get a good release when working in the slot. When he works inline, can get blown up, and tends to take blow from defender in space than deliver it.


McNeill is a nice move tight end that played a lot in the slot at Nebraska, acting more like a wide receiver than a tight end this past year. His best year was his sophomore year, his first as a starter where he had 32 catches for 442 yards (13.8 avg) and 6 scores. This past year, his totals fell to 21-346-16.5-1, partly because Nebraska's passing attack took a step back due to QB play and being more run-oriented.


He can be a nice H-back and move tight end in the right scheme. As a blocker, he's limited and will work best in a scheme that will minimize how much he plays in that role. And while he has nice skills as a receiver, there is nothing special about him either in the size, speed, or hands department to make you think you can really take advantage of that. The best I think he could be is a Jacob Tamme-type, that in an offense like the Colts, he could be a nice backup TE. But probably not as good as Tamme. In most offenses, he'll be a No. 3 guy that if he can bulk up some and get up to around 245-250, he shoudl be a better blocker. But still won't be good enough to be a regular in that role. He's a guy that I think can add depth to a roster, but doesn't have the skills that he'll be a regular even in a situational role. Ultimately, I think he can be a journeyman that bounces from team to team and has an NFL career like a similar player in Garrett Mills, in that he'll bounce around the league for four or five years, but never really sticks anywhere unless its a Colts-styled offense.


McNeill could add depth and fill a similar role as Michael Palmer does, but doesn't really offer much to think he'll be any more effective than Palmer. He'll be a No. 3 guy here in Atlanta, that could make 5-15 catches a year, but because he's limited as a blocker and doesn't have ideal athleticism to create matchup issues in coverage, he'll likely be gone after two or three years. Unless he shines on special teams coverage, he probably doesn't last more than two or three years before the team makes an upgrade with either a better blocker or dynamic receiver.


For a team like the Colts, looking for a decent No. 3 move tight end, then he might merit a seventh round pick because he can potentially add depth. But for most teams, he's more in line with undrafted talent.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Speed: 2.5
Hands: 3.0
Blocking: 2.0
Body Control: 3.0
Range: 2.5
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