Shaun Chapas, FB, Georgia

Scouting reports of the running backs and fullbacks in the 2011 Draft.
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Shaun Chapas, FB, Georgia

Postby Pudge » Sun Apr 17, 2011 11:02 am

Georgia Senior
40: 4.91


Does a nice job hitting his assignments and is effective for the most part. Can cut a defender on the edge. Shows he's capable in pass protection, able to help with blitz pickup and chip an end. Effective outlet receiver in the flat with capable hands and will adjust to the throw. Can contribute some as a runner in short yardage, showing patience as a runner.


Not really an impact player on offense outside his blocking. Doesn't show the power you would want from a player with his size and doesn't seem like he can consistently deliver blow to defender. Occasionally will get blown up in the backfield by a blitzing linebacker. Misses some assignments from time to time, particularly when you ask him to make blocks in space on the outside or when he lines up at the H-back position and goes in motion.


Chapas is an effective lead blocker, but not as powerful as you want. He contribute in the passing game and as a short-yardage runner, but not to a degree where he'll be much more than an afterthought in most NFL offenses. If he can get bigger and stronger, he can be a starter at the next level. But he's not going to wow you. Missed 2 games as a senior due to ankle injuries, upon which he had surgery after the season. A three-year starter that combined for 40 carries for 155 yards (3.9 avg) and 3 touchdowns during his career, as well as 26 receptions with 4 more scores.


Chapas is probably not going to come in right away and be a starting fullback. He can, but most teams will have better options at that position. But he can come in and contribute on special teams, and if he makes a name for himself there (and he should), then he'll get time to develop and grow a bit more as a fullback. Give him two or so years, and I think he can be fine as a starter. I don't ever see him growing into a top fullback because he'll always be mediocre option on offense, and isn't the super physical or efficient lead blocker. But he's one of those guys that can get the job done. Ideally, he'll go to a team that will give him some time to be groomed behind a veteran guy. But if not, he can stick although he may have a hard time sticking beyond his rookie contract. He appears to be one of those guys that isn't quite good enough to be more than a journeyman after his rookie contract expires.


Chapas would be a nice depth option in Atlanta, but because of his limited upside as a lead blocker and ability to impact on offense, then he's not an ideal choice to groom behind Mughelli. But Atlanta is one of those places that if you can give him a year or two to sit, learn, and develop a bit more he can be a decent starter down the road. But he'll really only be impactful in Atlanta as a part-time player, and just doesn't seem to have the upside to be as involved and integral to the rushing attack as Mughelli. If he succeeds in Atlanta, it will likely be because of the team de-emphasizing his position's role.


Chapas probably isn't worth drafting. There are better fullbacks to be had, but if there is a run on fullbacks late in the draft, he's good enough to get some looks at the end of the seventh.

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