Mario Fannin, RB, Auburn

Scouting reports of the running backs and fullbacks in the 2011 Draft.
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Mario Fannin, RB, Auburn

Postby Pudge » Sat Apr 09, 2011 3:02 pm

Auburn Senior
40: 4.38


Shows good quickness and burst with nice footwork to fit through seams in the backfield. Can sidestep defender in the hole. Shows some power, able to break tackles and get yards after contact. Shows nice hands as an outlet receiver in the flat, able to adjust to errant throw. Works well in pass protection, using his size and squares up blitzer off the edge. Shows he's capable chipping a defensive end and can cut a blitzer in space.


Dances a bit too much, waiting for his block. Doesn't always show good ball security. Has lapses in concentration and will drop some passes. Doesn't always show great burst as a runner after the catch.


Fannin has a good combo of size, quickness, and power, but never emerged as a go-to option at Auburn, serving as their third back on their depth chart all four years. But that's not his fault since he was playing behind some pretty good RBs like Michael Dyer, Ben Tate, Onterio McCalebb, and Brad Lester. He served primarily as a third down specialist, combining for 97 catches and 9 touchdowns during his career. Combined for 1366 yards on 233 carries (5.9 avg) and 11 touchdowns during his career. Also averaged 21.5 yards on 44 kickoffs during his career.


Fannin looks like he can be a solid third down back at the next level. He can contribute as a runner, but not to a degree where he'll be a big part of an offense. His value is the fact that he can contribute pretty quickly in pass protection and is a capable receiver out of the backfield. He reminds me of Jason Snelling, but is a much quicker runner. I think that's the sort of role he can have with most teams. He can be a guy that can give you 5 or so carries off the bench, but he can also be a guy that can give you 30-40 catches. He adds depth, but I don't think he's a great runner that will make major contributions in that role. He'll be a role player like Snelling, Correll Buckhalter, or Tim Hightower. In that role, he'll be a solid No. 2 guy, but when asked to be the No. 1 back, he'll be capable at times, but probably inconsistent.


Fannin is good enough to push a guy like Snelling. He's not a guy that is going to be more than a No. 2 in Atlanta. He can add depth, contribute on third downs, and be a decent replacement for Snelling in future years. Like Snelling he'll be more of the guy that subs for Turner when he's tired rather than being a regular option off the bench. He can be a good role player for the Falcons, but if they were forced to play him extensively, he would be fairly mediocre. But if he can contribute on special teams right away, he can make the roster as the No. 3 guy, and then give them an option to replace Snelling as the No. 2 in the second or third year.


Fannin adds value as a No. 2 guy that could go as early as the fourth round, but probably is better value in the fifth and sixth round.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Speed: 3.5
Power: 3.0
Agility: 2.5
Vision: 2.5
Hands: 3.5
Blocking: 3.5
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