Anthony Allen, RB, Georgia Tech

Scouting reports of the running backs and fullbacks in the 2011 Draft.
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Anthony Allen, RB, Georgia Tech

Postby Pudge » Sun Feb 06, 2011 12:03 am

Georgia Tech Senior
40: 4.59


Has nice straight-line speed and a capable downhill runner. Runs low with good pad level. Doesn't shy from contact and has good power to run over defender. Keeps feet moving and gets yards after contact. Shows enough speed to beat defenders to the corner on the pitch. Has enough quickness to sidestep a defender in the hole and on the second level. Has nice hands out of the backfield. Hits his assignments as a lead blocker and effective blocker in space.


Doesn't have great footwork and will have to stop his feet to change direction. Doesn't have great burst as a one-cut runner. Is limited in pass protection as he's not super experienced there with knowing his assignments.


A powerful runner that flashes potential as a short yardage guy at the next level. Allen began his career at Louisville where he looked like he was poised for a promising career as a freshman with 406 rushing yards (4.2 avg) and 13 touchdowns. But when Steve Kragthorpe took over for Petrino the next year, he wasn't the best fit for their offense going forward. He finished that year with 696 yards (4.8 avg), 7 touchdowns and 21 catches. He transferred to Georgia Tech and as a junior, he played slotback. He had 64 carries, 618 yards (9.7 avg), 6 TDs, and 5 receptions. He moved to the fullback/B-back position as a senior, replacing Jonathan Dwyer and had 217 carries for 1225 yards (5.6 avg) and 6 touchdowns. He is a better RB prospect than Dwyer, but he's limited by the scheme because he runs basically nothing but dives and it's not conducive to showcasing the vision that NFL runners need. But his previous experience at Louisville, probably helps him than most.


Unlike most flexbone runners, I think Allen stands a chance of competing as a reserve in the pros. I think his future is probably just as a complementary runner, but he has a chance of being a No. 2 guy rather than the marginal No. 3 guy that others have been (Jonathan Dwyer and the other Adrian Peterson). You really like Allen's power and I think he'll fit well as a short-yardage runner particularly if he only has to get a handful of carries behind someone like a Chris Johnson or Pierre Thomas. He'll have to contribute on special teams in order to contribute early because I don't expect him to contribute anytime soon in the passing game. He has nice hands, but he's raw in pass protection. He also has some potential to develop as a fullback down the road. Because of his power and pop and experience playing in the flexbone probably gives him a leg up over most runners that are converted. He needs to bulk up and his potential contributions in that realm are at least three years away. But if he doesn't make an impact as a situational runner early, he can make a decent reclamation project down the road as a fullback. In that way, I would compare him to a taller version of someone like Earnest Graham. If he can play on special teams, he can play on the NFL level, but he'll just be a role player regardless of how he's used on offense.


Allen gives the team another power back, but while he may be a bit more powerful or physical than Snelling, he doesn't really bring much to the table that Snelling doesn't. And he probably won't be as good in the passing game. And while he could be a nice developmental option for the Falcons, his future in Atlanta would probably be brighter as the long-term replacement for Mughelli at fullback rather than a valuable contributor at running back.


For a team looking for a powerful short-yardage runner, he could make a nice sixth or seventh round pick.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Speed: 3.0
Power: 4.0
Agility: 2.0
Vision: 2.0
Hands: 2.5
Blocking: 2.0
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