A first-pick.com mock draft

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A first-pick.com mock draft

Postby dwmyers » Sun Jan 10, 2016 9:55 pm

I mostly did this to see what first-pick.com had as Atlanta Falcons needs. They listed TE, DE, and FS.

I tend to think the biggest need is C. CBS sports has all their best centers as late 2nd to 3rd round picks.

Anyway, the draft (first-pick is a little heavy on the wish fulfillment, be warned). I traded down once.
The trade down netted 60 points of value on the Jimmy Johnson chart, but at least it was plausible.

Round 1 Pick 23 (PITT): Shaq Lawson, DE, Clemson (B+)
Round 2 Pick 17: Hunter Henry, TE, Arkansas (B)
Round 2 Pick 23 (PITT): Ryan Kelly, C, Alabama (A-)
Round 3 Pick 17: Joshua Garnett, OG, Stanford (B+)
Round 4 Pick 17: Vernon Butler, DT, Louisiana Tech (A+)
Round 7 Pick 17: Kolby Listenbee, WR, TCU (A+)


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Re: A first-pick.com mock draft

Postby Pudge » Tue Jan 12, 2016 12:02 pm

The problem is that few of the centers available this year really fit the zone-blocking scheme we have. Blocking on the 2nd level is very improtant, and based off the preferences shown by the coaching staff when they shuffled their OL roster last summer, they tend to emphasize athleticism and movement over other things.

Ryan Kelly is a talented center and shoudl be good in the NFL, but at Alabama he rarely is asked to block on the 2nd level. ANd when he's asked to block on the move (downfield as opposed to laterally), he starts to look ordinary, making him a questionable fit.

Shanahan's offense adheres much closer to the proponents of the Alex Gibbs blocking scheme we ran during the Mora years. IN the rest of the league, your average starting OT is 6-5/315, OG is 6-4/310 and OC is 6-3/305. But in the Shanahan/Gibbs style blocking scheme, those averages veer closer to OT 6-5/300, OG 6-3/300 and OC 6-2/290. Basically they are looking for the Todd McClure sized centers that tend to go much later in the draft.

I personally am not really a fan of drafting a center with the intention of him starting Year 1. Offensive linemen are notoriously bad (as most positions are) when they are rookies. If the Falcons want immediate improvement up front (and they should given the number of top notch pass rushers we'll be facing in 2016), then the best avenue for improvement is to go after a free agent center like Alex Mack, Stefen Wisniewski or somebody else.

If the Falcons do draft a center, then it probably needs to be a late-round pick that they can develop for a few years before asking him to start. But in truth, I think James Stone could be that guy.

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