Thomas Morstead, P, Southern Methodist

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Thomas Morstead, P, Southern Methodist

Postby Pudge » Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:49 pm

Thomas Morstead
6-4/225 Southern Methodist
4.84 Senior

Pros: Has a good, strong leg. Shows good potential as a directional kicker, able to pin teams deep. Shows good potential with his accuracy and hang time. Doubles as a kicker as well.

Cons: Doesn't have a booming leg. Needs work as a kicker.

Overview: He was a capable two-way specialist, but his upside is as a punter rather than kicker. He is a guy with the potential to be a good directional punter.

NFL Forecast: On the next level, he won't be known for his leg strength, but rather his ability to pin opponents deep. He has good potential as a directional kicker that may not be one of the top-ranked guys in terms of average yards or net average, but will be a player like Dan Stryzinski or Brad Maynard.

ATL Forecast: Morstead could be a beast as far as a directional kicker in the dome because opponents would hardly get the chance to return kicks. He could potentially replace Koenen down the road, but not a serious challenger for his job right now because of his lacking kickoff ability. But if Koenen was to have a subpar year, he could potentially step right in in 2010 after a year on the practice squad.

Value: Morstead shows enough potential as a directional kicker for a team to take him late in the seventh round.
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