Jeff Wolfert, K, Missouri

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Jeff Wolfert, K, Missouri

Postby Pudge » Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:49 pm

Jeff Wolfert
6-2/188 Missouri
4.80 Senior

Pros: Has nice accuracy and shows a decent leg. Kicks very well indoors with range beyond 50 yards.

Cons: Doesn't have ideal leg strength to consistently drive the ball inside the 5-yard line, even indoors.

Overview: Wolfert is a nice indoor kicker that is serviceable, but ultimately replaceable as a kickoff guy. Capable kicker, making 82% of his career field goals.

NFL Forecast: Wolfert would be a good pickup for a team that kicks indoors. He can kick outdoors, but doesn't show optimal leg strength there. He's probably not going to be a factor as a kickoff guy unless he plays indoors. For an indoor team, he could be a player like Jeff Wilkins, but outdoors he might be limited and won't really be anything special. But he has nice accuracy, and has a chance to stick and compete early on. He probably won't have as much issues with consistency early on, but is unlikely going to make an immediate impact in the league.

ATL Forecast: Wolfert would be a nice option for the Falcons because of his ability to kick indoors. He wouldn't be a challenge to Elam anytime soon, but a nice developmental player on the practice squad that could be ready to stick in two or so years.

Value: Maybe a team like Detroit would be willing to draft him late in the seventh, but otherwise just wait until the draft is over to pick him up.
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