Dan Kelly, K, Hawaii

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Dan Kelly, K, Hawaii

Postby Pudge » Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:43 pm

Dan Kelly
6-3/224 Hawaii

Pros: Is good on kickoffs with the leg to put the ball into the end zone and consistently inside the five-yard line. Has potential as an onside kicker.

Cons: Inconsistent from beyond 40 yards and needs to improve his accuracy.

Overview: Kelly struggled with inconsistency after being a fairly accurate guy his first three seasons at Hawaii. But he did show some potential for clutch kicking making a game winner this past year. But really struggled from beyond 40. Wound up making only 50% of his attempts after 74% combined his first three years.

NFL Forecast: Kelly has a chance to compete at the next level, but needs to be more consistency. He has the leg to kick from deep, but is probably going to be one of those players that bounces around for a couple of years before he has a chance to stick. If he keeps at it, and/or perhaps gets some work on a lesser leg, he has a chance at sticking down the road. But he's nothing special and will be just a stopgap at best.

ATL Forecast: Kelly might be good enough to make the team's practice squad as a long-term project, but he's unlikely to be ready to be a starting NFL kicker in the near future.

Value: He's worth a look in camp as an extra leg, but teams may be better off letting him get work in a lesser league before signing him.
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