David Buehler, K, Southern California

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David Buehler, K, Southern California

Postby Pudge » Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:41 pm

David Buehler
6-2/227 USC
4.62 Senior

Pros: Has a booming leg that will consistently put the ball deep in the end zone as a kickoff guy. Is strong and is a capable tackler.

Cons: Lacks consistently as a field goal kicker. Accuracy can be erratic, and doesn't get a lot of opportunities due to the success of USC's offense.

Overview: Buehler has a leg on par with Sebastian Janikowski. Made 79% of 33 field goals during his USC career. Impressed with 25 bench reps at the Combine.

NFL Forecast: It's hard to see Buehler doing much beyond being a kickoff specialist early on in his career. If he can watch from a veteran for a few years and refine his techniques and skills, he could make a nice field goal kicker down the road. But probably for the brunt of his rookie contract, he'd purely be a kickoff specialist. Down the road, could become a complete kicker, but not sure he'd become good enough to really excel there. To the point that by the time he's ready to become the field goal kicker too, someone else may come along that is better than him, keeping him stuck as a kickoff specialist.

ATL Forecast: Because of Koenen, the Falcons have little need for a player like Buehler, even as a long-term option to replace Elam. Although if he did kick in the Dome, I'd bet the majority of his kickoffs would go out the back of the end zone.

Value: Because of his high immediate value as a kickoff specialist, he would be worth a seventh round pick for a team that has an older veteran that has a few years left and can show him the ropes.
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