David Bruton, FS, Notre Dame

Scouting Reports of safeties in the 2009 NFL Draft
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David Bruton, FS, Notre Dame

Postby Pudge » Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:41 pm

David Bruton
6-2/219 Notre Dame
4.46 Senior

Pros: Has nice speed and is willing to come up and defend the run. Doesn't make too many plays in coverage, but doesn't make many mistakes either. Has nice ball skills and capable working deep half of the field in Cover 2 or Cover 3. Is a capable gunner on special teams.

Cons: Is undersized with a lean build. He's not a strong tackler, lacks pop, and whiffs on too many stops in the open field. Doesn't always consistently wrap. Lacks hips and struggles in man coverage.

Overview: He's a classic overachiever that wasn't blessed with great talent, but works hard and gives you good effort.

NFL Forecast: He'll make a nice Cover-2 free safety that does a nice job keeping things in front of him in zone. If he can get a bit stronger, then he should OK as a run defender. Never will be great in run support though. Never will be great in coverage either. He basically lacks the ideal upside to be a starter. If push came to shove, down the road he might make a serviceable starter for a year or two, but will only be a stopgap that teams will quickly want to upgrade. His real future in the NFL is on special teams, an area I think he could impact early and thus give him a fairly long NFL career.

ATL Forecast: Bruton would make a decent backup FS for the Falcons, but long-term lacks the upside to be a starter. He'd help on special teams, but that's really about it. He could have a five or six-year career in Atlanta as a backup depending on how good a special teams player he became.

Value: For a team looking for a backup FS and plays a lot of Cover-2, he would make a decent seventh round pick, but ideally you could sneak him through undrafted free agency.
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