Ricky Price, FS, Oklahoma State

Scouting Reports of safeties in the 2009 NFL Draft
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Ricky Price, FS, Oklahoma State

Postby Pudge » Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:34 pm

Ricky Price
6-1/195 Oklahoma State
4.58 Senior

Pros: A decent tackler that does a nice job wrapping. Willing to come up and defend the run. Shows some potential as a blitzer. Able to keep up and match up with tight ends.

Cons: Undersized and misses a lot of stops in the open. Just an average tackler that lacks pop and struggles at the point of attack. Gets stuck in traffic too much and always seems a step late whether it's vs. the run or pass. Has poor ball skills and lacks awareness working in zone. Has poor hips and struggles in man coverage.

Overview: There really is nothing that Price does well enough that makes him a bona fide NFL prospect. He's barely a J.A.G. on a subpar college defense. Started out as a receiver and then moved to safety before his junior year.

NFL Forecast: Unless he can be a strong performer on special teams early on, he's not going to last in the league. Might bounce around for two or three summers as teams are looking for camp bodies, but at best that's really all he is. Barring him being a superstar special teamer, even if he does stick because of ability there, it's likely his team will find someone as good that also has upside on defense within a year or two.

ATL Forecast: Barring him being an absolute force on special teams, he's not going to cut it in Atlanta. Probably doesn't even have practice squad potential. Just a body.

Value: Not worth drafting and even borderline if anybody should pick him up via free agency.
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