Anthony Scirrotto, FS, Penn State

Scouting Reports of safeties in the 2009 NFL Draft
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Anthony Scirrotto, FS, Penn State

Postby Pudge » Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:32 pm

Anthony Scirrotto
6-0/202 Penn State
4.56 Senior

Pros: Does a nice job coming up and defending the run as he's willing to stick his neck and make a hit. Does a nice job wrapping. Is decent when working in centerfield or zone coverage.

Cons: Undersized as a tackler. Lacks pop and doesn't get good base, which causes him to get run over a lot at the point of attack. Takes poor angles to the ball. Doesn't have ideal ball skills and subpar awareness in zone. Always seems a step late breaking on the ball.

Overview: He's a serviceable starter in college, but seems overmatched physically for the pro game. Three year starter. Was arrested in April 2007 for an off-campus fight. Pled guilty and served community service with a fine.

NFL Forecast: He can potentially make a solid impact on special teams. But he's too small as of now to play on defense and just average in coverage. If he gets bigger and stronger he could be a decent reserve, but the upper end of his potential is about as good a player as Matt Giordano. I think he can impact on special teams which should give him potentially a relatively long NFL career, able to play five or six seasons. But I think he'd be overmatched as a starter. He reminds me of a smaller and weaker version of Tom Zbikowski. Doesn't have the playmaking instincts that Zbikowski had and just was physically overmatched against better competition in college. It only gets worse in the pros.

ATL Forecast: The Falcons might think of adding him to potentially address depth at free safety, but he's just going to be a special teams guy. Might be able to excel in that role, but lacks upside that is really worth developing defensively. In a few years might be a serviceable short-term stopgap in case of injury. But if he has to start more than a game or two, you're probably in trouble.

Value: He can potentially add depth, but his lack of upside doesn't mean I'm liable to draft him.
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