Otis Wiley, FS, Michigan State

Scouting Reports of safeties in the 2009 NFL Draft
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Otis Wiley, FS, Michigan State

Postby Pudge » Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:29 pm

Otis Wiley
6-1/212 Michigan State
4.64 Senior

Pros: Is able in run support. Does a nice job wrapping as a tackler and is willing to throw his body around. Has decent speed. Shows decent vision and burst as a kickoff returner.

Cons: Undersized and needs to get stronger as a tackler. Ducks his head and susceptible to getting run over. Not really a big time hitter. Lacks ideal long speed. Doesn't have the hips or burst to stick with wideouts in the slot. Bites on play fakes.

Overview: Wiley is a capable free safety but lacks the ideal upside to be a starter. Played strong safety as a senior after two years as starting free safety. Limited by groin and leg injuries as a senior.

NFL FOrecast: If he can get stronger, then he might be able to start at the next level. Although he'd probably just be below average as a starter. The type of guy that can hold a job for two or so years, but eventually his team tries to upgrade over him. He can potentially impact on special teams, which makes him valuable as a reserve. I don't see him having a big impact on regular defense however. Good enough to potentially get the job done, but outmatched as a starter. Lacks the long speed to really be a significant factor as a kickoff returner. Instead, he'll be an emergency guy if/when the regular returner gets hurt.

ATL Forecast: Wiley could be a decent backup to Coleman at free safety, but that's really about it. Not really an option to be a starter, even down the line. Instead, he could help on special teams. Won't be a factor as a kickoff returner, but could help in coverage.

Value: Wiley adds depth and could be a nice late round pick. But taking him before the end of the sixth round would be a reach.
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