C.J. Wilson, SS, Western Michigan

Scouting Reports of safeties in the 2009 NFL Draft
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C.J. Wilson, SS, Western Michigan

Postby Pudge » Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:29 pm

C.J. Wilson
Western Michigan

Pros: Has nice speed and burst and can make plays in pursuit. Does a nice job coming up and defending the run and can make the stop in the open field. Does a good playing his assignments. Can cover tight end and has nice ball skills.

Cons: Inconsistent both vs. the run and pass. Will miss stops at the point of attack and is not an overly strong tackler. Will take some poor angles when coming up to defend the run. Can be slow reacting to the ball and ballcarrier. Needs to improve his work in zone coverage and gets turned around and caught out of position too often.

Overview: He's a capable complement to Delmas, serving as a four-year starter. He has some potential in coverage and is a capable run stopper.

NFL Forecast: He can be a decent backup strong safety at the next level, but he needs more polish. If he can improve his awareness in coverage and limit his mistakes, there is some potential to be a serviceable starter. Not a great run stopper and will have to get stronger there as well. But he has some potential to develop as a backup that can be a starter down the road. If he can impact on special teams, then he has a chance to stick long enough to develop. But more than likely, he'll be a backup rather than a starter.

ATL Forecast: Can provide some depth at strong safety for the Falcons and can help on special teams. In a few years, he could challenge for the starting position, but his upside is limited. His potential is much like that of Jamaal Fudge in that he can be a solid special teams player and capable backup, but not your first choice to be a starter.

Value: Wilson is a late round pick that probably should be taken at some point in the seventh.
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