Kevin Barnes, CB, Maryland

Scouting Reports of cornerbacks in the 2009 NFL draft.
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Kevin Barnes, CB, Maryland

Postby Pudge » Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:27 pm

Kevin Barnes
6-0/184 Maryland
4.45 Senior

Pros: Does a good job keeping things in front of him. Shows pop as a tackler and not afraid to come up and deliver the hit in run support.

Cons: Needs to do a better job wrapping as a tackler.

Overview: Barnes missed the second half of this past season with a shoulder injury. From what I saw of him briefly, I saw him flash potential. But the truth is I didn’t get a full picture of him because in the two games I saw, teams didn’t throw to his side. They avoided him like the plague, which speaks volumes about his ability.

NFL Forecast: Taking what little I was able to see of Barnes in his two games, he looks like he’s an ideal zone, Cover-2 cornerback. The shoulder injury of course will be a concern, as those injuries have a tendency to linger. But if he’s not rushed back, I don’t see it having any significant negative impact on him outside his rookie year. He reminded me a lot of bigger version of Ronde Barber. He’s a bit of a sleeper prospect because of the injury, but before he got hurt he was vying for the potential to be a first round pick.

ATL Forecast: Barnes could be a nice pickup by the Falcons, but not sure if he has the abilities or potential in man coverage that the Falcons probably want out of their corner. But he could potentially sit for a year, or at least contribute off the bench and then push for playing time down the road.

Value: Before he got hurt, I thought of him as a late second round pick. If he’s not completely healthy, then that should push him into round three.
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