Mesphin Forrester, CB/S, Washington

Scouting Reports of cornerbacks in the 2009 NFL draft.
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Mesphin Forrester, CB/S, Washington

Postby Pudge » Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:26 pm

Mesphin Forrester
6-2/201 Washington
4.52 Senior

Pros: Shows nice ball skills. Does a decent job keeping things in front of him, showing some aptitude for zone coverage. Willing in run support and capable tackler in pursuit.

Cons: Lacks ideal speed or hips. Struggles at times as a tackler out on the edge at the point of attack.

Overview: Forrester is a bit of a tweener at corner and safety. He lacks upside for either position. He played as a safety for two years, and moved to corner his senior year.

NFL Forecast: I'd say he's going to have to excel on special teams in order to stick at the next level. Right now, he's probably at best a No. 4 corner if he remains at that position. And that would likely have to come in a zone-heavy scheme. As a safety, he might be able to work in dime packages because of his experience at cornerback, but because of his questionable run stopping abilities, he lacks the upside to start there. I'd probably try him at safety first, since he could probably have a more immediate impact in sub packages, but regardless, he's going to be a guy on a roster for special teams first and foremost.

ATL Forecast: The Falcons could try Forrester as a dime safety. A guy that could potentially play a similar role as Antoine Harris did in 2007. But the Falcons have better options on the roster, including Harris and Von Hutchins, so unless he really excelled on special teams, it's doubtful he'd be able to land that spot. He'd be more likely to sit on the practice squad for a year or two before getting his chance.

Value: Don't draft Forrester because he is just a special teams guy that might be able to help out occasionally on defense.
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