Mark Parson, CB, Ohio

Scouting Reports of cornerbacks in the 2009 NFL draft.
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Mark Parson, CB, Ohio

Postby Pudge » Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:21 pm

Mark Parson
5-9/186 Ohio
4.57 Senior

Pros: Has decent speed and some burst. Not afraid to come up and play press coverage despite his lack of size. Has decent ball skills. Shows nice awareness and plays his man rather than staring into the backfield. Is willing in run support.

Cons: Lacks size and going to have difficulty matching up and making stops in run support because of it. Will take some poor angles to the ball in run support.

Overview: Undersized player that works hard and overcomes it. A three-year starter with 5 career picks and 35 passes defended.

NFL Forecast: He'll have to stick early on special teams in order to last in the NFL. But with time, he could become a decent reserve option. Not sure he'll be a capable nickel corner, but at least a decent No. 4 corner that can help in the slot. Doesn't really have any great assets, but is OK in most areas, enough so that he could get some time on defense. But more than likely, he'll have to be a special teams ace or not. Down the road could be a decent reserve. He's the type of player that becomes a top corner in the Arena Leagues or another lesser league.

ATL Forecast: He wouldn't be much of an upgrade over David Irons, but if the Falcons felt the need to replace either Irons or Grimes on the roster, Parson might be good enough to fill that niche. But more than likely, he'll just be a backup option that would have difficulty climbing beyond No. 5 on the Falcons depth chart in the foreseeable future, if he makes the team at all.

Value: Parson isn't worth drafting for a team, but at least deserves a shot in a camp somewhere.
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