Jerraud Powers, CB, Auburn

Scouting Reports of cornerbacks in the 2009 NFL draft.
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Jerraud Powers, CB, Auburn

Postby Pudge » Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:20 pm

Jerraud Powers
5-9/187 Auburn
4.43 Junior

Pros: Has nice speed and decent hips, showing potential in man coverage. Is decent in run support despite lack of size.

Cons: Lacks quickness and ideal burst out of his breaks. Lacks ideal ball skills. Will miss some stops in the open field, an undersized tackler. Needs to do a better job getting the jam at the line.

Overview: He has good speed, but lacks size. He probably should have stayed another year where he had the chance to be a mid-round pick next year. Had 6 career interceptions, with 4 coming as a sophomore.

NFL Forecast: He'll be asked to cover the quicker wideouts that line up against him in the slot. He is athletically capable, but doesn't have the upside to be a starter at the next level. But if he can impact early on special teams and show his speed, he'll get opportunities down the road. His lack of ideal ball skills and burst will hurt him, and he'll only be an average nickel back. His chance of sticking long-term in the league will be based off how good he is on special teams. If he excels there, he could play five or six years in the NFL, if not longer. Otherwise, he'll be out of the league before his rookie contract is up.

ATL Forecast: Powers could challenge David Irons for a spot, but is not likely to unseat him, although he is a better athlete than Irons. But they are essentially ex-teammates battling for the same job and role on the roster, and unless he is a much better special teams player than Irons, he's unlikely to land the fifth corner spot. More than likely,t he team may give him a shot on the practice squad in hopes he's better able to compete next year.

Value: Powers due to his athletic ability might be worth a sixth round pick at best, if a team really likes his upside in man coverage. But otherwise, draft him in the seventh.
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