DeAngelo Smith, CB/S, Cincinnati

Scouting Reports of cornerbacks in the 2009 NFL draft.
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DeAngelo Smith, CB/S, Cincinnati

Postby Pudge » Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:20 pm

DeAngelo Smith
5-11/191 Cincinnati
4.63 Senior

Pros: Has nice speed and footwork working in coverage. Is willing in run support and does a nice job making plays in pursuit. Can break down in the open field and make the stop in space. Does a nice job keeping things in front of him and rarely caught out of position. Has good ball skills, awareness, and shows potential to play the centerfield.

Cons: Has poor hips and lacks burst out of his breaks. Is undersized as a tackler, whiffing on some tackles on the edge, as well as getting run over at the point of attack. Gives up too much cushion at times.

Overview: He's more disciplined than Mickens and willing to do the little things, but lacks the athletic potential and size to have Mickens' impact. He could potentially play safety, but would be undersized there. Had 8 picks as a junior, but production fell to 2 as a senior. But made up for it with 13 pass breakups.

NFL Forecast: In a zone scheme, I could see him being a solid third corner. In a man scheme, he would struggle a lot since he lacks the hips to really impact there. He could move to safety, and while I think he could make the transition in coverage, would be somewhat a liability in run support. Would need to bulk up some more, and even then would probably only work in the Cover-2 scheme. He's just not consistent enough a tackler yet to really be trusted being the last line of defense. But he's a guy that will stick in the league because he can play on special teams, although he doesn't necessarily have a natural position on defense. Could work as a reserve corner, but I don't think he has the upside to really start, even in a zone scheme. But flashes solid ability and is one of those players that isn't flashy, but manages to stick around the league for a long time.

ATL Forecast: Smith could work as a reserve corner here in Atlanta, and also be worth getting some possible reps at safety in hopes he can develop into a dime back. He'd be a valuable depth piece, but won't be a starter here, and probably wouldn't rise much higher than No. 4 on the depth chart at least through the first two or so years. But if he can convert to safety, his potential to get on the field could come quicker due to the Falcons need for a capable third cover safety.

Value: HIs ability probably makes him a fourth or fifth round, but his lack of a true natural position probably drops him to a fifth/sixth round prospect.
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