Clint Sintim, OLB, Virginia

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Clint Sintim, OLB, Virginia

Postby Pudge » Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:32 pm

Clint Sintim
6-3/253 Virginia
4.82 Senior

Pros: Shows good ability as a pass rusher. Has a good first step off the edge and the closing burst to turn the corner. Has good speed and athleticism. A good pursuit player that is a strong, solid tackler. Will take on blockers and does a nice job at the point of attack. Shows potential in coverage due to his speed and quickness.

Cons: Doesn't always appear comfortable when he's working in space. Has just average instincts. Can get stuck in traffic and needs to improve in coverage.

Overview: Sintim is a very good athlete with a lot of upside, particularly as a pass rusher. He played with his hand on and off the ground in UVA's 3-4 scheme, but projects as a linebacker rather than down rusher. Combined for 20 sacks the past two years.

NFL Forecast: Sintim could be a dominant pass rusher. He has the strength and athleticism to be able to be a force vs. the run and in coverage, but he needs more polish in both. He's a point and chase player and in order to ease his transition into the pros, it would probably be best to limit how much thinking he has to do. I don't think it's because he can't learn, but he's more athletic than cerebral. He obviously projects well in the 3-4, but can also play in the 4-3. But he's a bit more of a project there, since he'll be do less pass rushing and more work vs. the run and in coverage. And in the 4-3, he's probably better off sitting a year or two, while in the 3-4 he can probably be thrown to the wolves a bit earlier. Would work best in a 3-4 scheme that has him rushing the quarterback most downs, just really changes up where he's lining up. In time, I think he'll be able to improve in coverage and be a solid pursuit player vs. the run. He is a similar player to Joey Porter.

ATL Forecast: Sintim could work for the Falcons, but wouldn't be able to reach his true potential since he'll be limited as a pass rusher. He could work as a situational rusher on the line on passing downs. But more than likely, he won't be able to contribute right away as a linebacker and will need a year or two to sit and develop the instincts and polish he needs for that position. For his rookie year, he can help the Falcons pass rush and hopefully be able to transition to an every-down player at linebacker in Year Two and beyond. But there is greater bust potential for him in the 4-3, because he's a raw athlete.

Value: Sintim for a 3-4 team is worth a solid second round, although he could sneak into the latter part of the first round if teams like his athletic potential. For a 4-3 team, they should wait until some point on Day 2 to draft him.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

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