Tez Doolittle, DT, Auburn

Scouting Reports of defensive tackles in the 2009 NFL Draft
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Tez Doolittle, DT, Auburn

Postby Pudge » Wed Jun 08, 2011 8:53 pm

Tez Doolittle
6-2/285 Auburn
4.92 Senior

Pros: Has nice first step which makes him a capable bull rusher. Has some quickness to shoot gaps, and does a nice job pushing the pocket. Has nice strength and does a good job when he's facing a single weaker center.

Cons: Lacking vs. the run and really needs to improve his awareness. Not good at the point of attack and struggles when taking on double teams. Not consistent with either his quickness or strength, and needs to be more explosive off the snap.

Overview: Works primarily the nose in Auburn's rotation, and probably projects to do the same in the pros. He flashes potential, but needs to put it all together. He missed all of 2007 with a ruptured Achilles. Will turn 25 in December. Started some as a senior, but never was a full-time starter.

NFL Forecast: Would make a nice backup nose tackle on a 4-3 team that desires pass rush potential over run stopping ability. If he gets bigger, he might become adequate vs. the run, but I doubt it. Probably just a No. 4 tackle in a team's rotation, and lacks the upside to really start. He's not consistent, and I doubt he'll become so at the next level. Would be a good fit for a team like Indianapolis as a backup.

ATL Forecast: He could help the team's rotation and would be a nice upgrade as a pass rusher over Jason Jefferson. But he's not as strong as Jefferson and would be a bit of a liability on run downs. He could push for time here in Atlanta, but it's doubtful he becomes a significant part of the rotation. Eventually he'd probably be replaced with a draft pick or free agent that is better.

Value: Doolittle is worth drafting for a 4-3 team looking for depth, but is only a seventh round pick at best.
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