Terrance Taylor, DT, Michigan

Scouting Reports of defensive tackles in the 2009 NFL Draft
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Terrance Taylor, DT, Michigan

Postby Pudge » Wed Jun 08, 2011 8:42 pm

Terrance Taylor
6-0/311 Michigan
5.08 Senior

Pros: He has good size and strength with the ability to hold the point. Has decent quickness and moves well for his size. Will chase down ballcarriers in pursuit and has a good motor.

Cons: His conditioning is poor, and generally his play is inconsistent. He isn't great vs. double teams and ends up on the ground way too much. Doesn't get good push upfield from the nose and needs to play with better leverage and balance.

Overview: Taylor is a big guy with big potential, but needs time to refine his techniques and develop some more. A three-year starter had a down year as a senior. Strong, was tops at the Combine with 37 bench reps among defensive linemen.

NFL Forecast: Taylor could work in either a 1 or 2-gap scheme, but is probably a better fit in the former. He's a bit like Alan Branch, but has potential that is worth developing. I suspect he's probably not going to do much besides be a decent backup for the first few years of his career. But eventually he could be able to put it all together in time for his second contract. More than likely, the team that drafts him won't get a lot out of him. This is basically what happened with Kendrick Clancy in Pittsburgh. Sat the bench for five years giving the Steelers some depth, but not a lot. Then left and became a decent journeyman starter in New York, Arizona, and New Orleans. I foresee a similar future for Taylor. If he does live up to his potential however, he could be a solid starter in the 3-4 scheme at the nose.

ATL Forecast: Taylor would face the same issues in Atlanta. While he'd bring needed size and has the quickness to play in the 4-3 scheme at the nose, he probably wouldn't contribute much right away because of his issues with conditioning. More than likely, the Falcons wouldn't get a return on their investment until three or four years down the road at the earliest, which by then may be too late. He could develop into a solid starter in Atlanta, but his conditioning would be an even greater issue in the 4-3 since he'll be asked to rush the QB instead of just occupying blocks.

Value: Taylor has first day potential, but the conditioning concerns should knock him back to a fifth round pick at the earliest for either scheme.
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