Phillip Hunt, DE, Houston

Scouting Reports of defensive ends in the 2009 NFL Draft.
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Phillip Hunt, DE, Houston

Postby Pudge » Wed Jun 08, 2011 7:53 pm

Phillip Hunt
6-1/244 Houston
4.75 Senior

Pros: A natural pass rusher with a good first step and flashes burst to turn the corner. Nice closing speed on the QB. Has a decent swim move and shows some ability as a bull rusher.

Cons: Tends to be sack happy. Needs to improve his recognition and play his assignments more. Only seems to go through the motions when playing the run and shows a lacking motor. Won't make plays in pursuit. Doesn't break down in space, and lacks the athleticism, quickness, and speed to make plays in the open field.

Overview: He's a good pass rusher. Has a short and squat build that isn't idea for putting on a ton more weight. A three-year starter who's production has increased each year. Has 32 sacks the past three years.

NFL Forecast: Due to size issues, I think as an end Hunt will only be a situational pass rusher. He can be a solid contributor off the bench as a pass rusher, but won't ever be a starter because of his inability to play the run. Some teams might look at him as a linebacker, but he's not good enough in space to make such a transition. He would probably need to lose some weight in order to make that switch, and even then I think he would struggle. One of those classic players that doesn't really have a great fit at either position, but if he finds the right team and niche could have a successful NFL career. Or he could be out of the league by Year 3 and could eventually become a star in Canada.

ATL Forecast: Hunt could contribute on this team as a situational pass rusher and could play opposite Abraham, but that's all he'd ever be. Doesn't have a starter's upside, and while his contributions off the bench would be appreciated, once a player like Abraham is off the team down the road, it's doubtful he'd be able to pick up the slack. He's a complementary player in Atlanta, and would be successful as long as there was someone playing opposite him that was much better.

Value: He might be worth as high as a sixth round pick for a team that can slide him immediately into that situational role.
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