Jeremy Lomax, DE/OLB, Georgia

Scouting Reports of defensive ends in the 2009 NFL Draft.
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Jeremy Lomax, DE/OLB, Georgia

Postby Pudge » Wed Jun 08, 2011 7:51 pm

Jeremy Lomax
6-4/248 Georgia
4.76 Senior

Pros: Has nice athleticism and shows good straight-line speed. Can make plays in pursuit. Shows some edge quickness when he lines up outside.

Cons: Lacks explosiveness off the snap and edge speed. Can be slow to react. Lacks strength and gets pushed back and doesn't get off blocks. Not fluid in coverage.

Overview: Lomax is a tweener. He flashes potential to convert to linebacker, but probably is a bit heavy and needs to slim down in order to add some quickness. Never was a full-time guy, starting only 5 games in his career, all of which came as a senior. Had 0.5 sacks this past year, while had 4.5 as a backup his junior year. Originally from Jonesboro, GA.

NFL Forecast: He lacks upside to really be anything beyond an OK backup. Unless he can stick on special teams somehow, I doubt he has a fruitful NFL career. Might be able to stick as a backup OLB in a 3-4 scheme if he can impact on special teams early on. But he's a project, that you work with because of his athleticism, but he's not a playmaker, nor will he ever be. As far as his future at end, he'll have to bulk up significantly to stick in the league.

ATL Forecast: Lomax really doesn't fit in Atlanta. He isn't quick enough to contribute as a situational pass rusher, and too small to impact on run downs. Unless the Falcons were planning on moving him to SAM linebacker, that would be the only way he could stick. But since he's very raw as a LB prospect, it's doubtful he'd even have a chance at the practice squad.

Value: His athleticism makes him worth a camp invite, but you'd be wasting a draft pick on him.
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