Nick Reed, DE/OLB, Oregon

Scouting Reports of defensive ends in the 2009 NFL Draft.
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Nick Reed, DE/OLB, Oregon

Postby Pudge » Wed Jun 08, 2011 7:48 pm

Nick Reed
6-1/245 Oregon
4.72 Senior

Pros: Has good motor and nice speed. Has the ability to turn the corner, but more of a straight-line pass rusher. Has a nice spin move and can make plays in pursuit.

Cons: Overly relies on edge speed. Doesn't have ideal burst or natural comfort when working in space. Will take some poor angles when defending the run in space. Not an impact player when asked to play the run. Gets engulfed by blocks and has trouble working through traffic at the point of attack.

Overview: Very productive the past two years, combining for 25 sacks.
He's a good effort guy that is a tweener since he doesn't really have the great athleticism to play linebacker, nor the size to play end. But he's productive and has some potential to develop as a speed rusher.

NFL Forecast: Reed has the makings of being a solid situational pass rusher at the next level, but as far as converting to linebacker, that is a question mark. Has the size and speed to make the move, but doesn't seem very comfortable when he's operating in space and doesn't have a lot of experience there. He's a project as far as outside linebacker. Not sure he has great upside there either because of it. Won't ever be a star if he stays on the line, but could be the type of guy that can give you 3-5 sacks off the bench each year. Has the potential to start at outside linebacker, but not sure he would be anything beyond average there.

ATL Forecast: Reed is a similar player to Biermann, but quicker and a bit more explosive. He could find a nice home as a situational guy in Atlanta, and be an upgrade over Biermann, but isn't really a threat to start down the road. He's not going to get a lot bigger, and even if he did bulk up to around 260 pounds, he'd still be a liability vs. the run. Would be a solid backup in Atlanta, but that's all he'd ever be.

Value: Reed is probably worth a sixth round pick, although it wouldn't be crazy if a team took a chance on him late in the fifth round.
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