Stryker Sulak, DE/OLB, Missouri

Scouting Reports of defensive ends in the 2009 NFL Draft.
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Stryker Sulak, DE/OLB, Missouri

Postby Pudge » Wed Jun 08, 2011 7:48 pm

Stryker Sulak
6-5/251 Missouri
4.77 Senior

Pros: Has a nice first step with nice closing burst on the QB when he turns the corner. Has a nice motor. Works well on stunts. Shows quickness and speed to operate in space and has some experience playing in coverage.

Cons: Doesn't consistently show edge speed to turn the corner. Overly relies on his speed to beat blocker, lacks pass rush moves. Gets pushed around by bigger linemen. Lacks ideal instincts vs. the run and doesn't look fluid when moving in space.

Overview: He has a tall, lean frame that could put on more weight, as well as long-armed basketball body. But seems to fit the ideal mold of a player that is converted to linebacker. Had 10.5 sacks as a senior.

NFL Forecast: I think Sulak has a brighter future at linebacker than he does at end. He could get bigger, and with his quickness and motor, he could be a decent pass rusher, but would never be a starter. Just lacks the ability to play the run even with added weight. He's a project at linebacker, but I think his potential there could make him a starter after a few years of riding the pine. He'll need to impact special teams right away if you move him to linebacker, otherwise there isn't going to be much of a role on defense for him. I don't see him being a star outside linebacker, but a capable starter that could be capable of getting 6-8 sacks per year in the 3-4 scheme.

ATL Forecast: I doubt Sulak would have success in Atlanta. As a situational pass rusher, he would struggle against big, strong NFL linemen that would just simply manhandle him. And as a linebacker, his length to impact is too long that unless he was a special teams star, he would be hard-pressed to make the roster. With the Falcons looking for more immediate help at both linebacker and end, it's doubtful Sulak could provide either.

Value: For a 3-4 team, he is worth a middle round pick, probably best taken in the fifth round. For a 4-3 team, they should just let him go undrafted.
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