Jamaal Westerman, DE, Rutgers

Scouting Reports of defensive ends in the 2009 NFL Draft.
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Jamaal Westerman, DE, Rutgers

Postby Pudge » Wed Jun 08, 2011 7:46 pm

Jamaal Westerman
6-2/257 Rutgers
4.78 Senior

Pros: Has a nice first step and potential as an edge rusher. Shows some ability as a bull rusher coming off the edge. Has experience dropping back into coverage.

Cons: Not sure if he has the burst to turn the corner. Struggles when playing the run. Doesn't get off blocks and shows poor recognition, getting caught out of position too often.

Overview: He'll flash potential as an edge rusher, but is a one- dimensional player. Played most of the season with a torn biceps before having season-ending surgery in December. Had 8 sacks in both his sophomore and junior years, before having 6 last year despite playing hurt.

NFL Forecast: Probably not going to be a good fit as an outside linebacker, although he might be a decent backup option there. But has better future playing DE. Might be able to stick as a situational pass rusher. THink he needs to bulk and get stronger so he can be serviceable vs. the run. Can help a rotation, but not consistent enough to really make an impact as a starter down the road.

ATL Forecast: He has a shot at sticking as a fourth end for the Falcons as a situational pass rusher and could give Biermann a run for his money. But that's really about all he'd be in Atlanta. In time could make a decent third end as a pure pass rusher, but probably only a 2-4 sack guy off the bench in Atlanta. Won't be a starter, but could help the rotation a bit.

Value: I probably wouldn't draft him, but it wouldn't be crazy if a team took him in the seventh to develop as a potential situational guy.
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