Alex Boone, OT, Ohio State

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Alex Boone, OT, Ohio State

Postby Pudge » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:20 pm

Alex Boone
6-7/315 Ohio State
5.16 Senior

Pros: Has nice size and strength. Has decent feet, and shows nice technique in pass protection. Stays square and gets good position on defenders. A good downhill blocker that has nice mobility and can block on the second level. Has a nice mean streak.

Cons: Lacks good feet and really struggles against speedy edge rushers because he's not quick into his stance. Will miss some assignments. Needs to improve his hand placement, and may have a tendency to hold at the next level. Doesn't always lock onto defender in the ground game.

Overview: Boone has been a bit overhyped throughout his career. He's never been a great left tackle, but was just effective most of his time. He's routinely struggled with athletic edge rushers. But he's a good fit in a zone blocking scheme, and if makes the move to the right side, his issues in pass protection won't be as big concerns. Had some off-field concerns stemming from a drinking incident after the season. Also interesting that he was listed at 310 at OSU, but came to the Combine after 325, but seemingly dropped that excess weight for his pro day.

NFL Forecast: Move him to the right side in a zone blocking scheme, and he could be a good tackle. He's a bit like Jon Runyan or Jon Jansen in that regard, because his greatest upside lies as a run blocker. If he continues to improve his technique and strength, then he'll be capable taking on the bigger left ends, but will likely always have issues against smaller, athletic speed rushers. But as he refines his technique, particularly his hand use, he has the makings of being a top run blocker. He's never going to really dominate guys, but will certainly clear holes for guys in the zone blocking scheme. He should make a solid starter in that scheme, and I don't think the off-field concerns will be too much of an issue from keeping him from reaching his potential.

ATL Forecast: Boone would be a near ideal candidate to take over the Falcons right tackle spot. He's probably not ready to start immediately, as he still needs work in pass protection and would struggle against some of the better LDEs in the NFC if he was thrown to the wolves too early. But by his second year, he should be refined enough to start. He'd be a better long-term answer at RT than Clabo, but they are similar players, although Boone is more natural playing outside than him. He could be a nice bookend to Baker for years to come and would be a similar player to Jon Runyan here in Atlanta, although may not be as dominant a run blocker as Runyan has been throughout his career. But the potential is there.

Value: Boone is a solid third or fourth round pick for a team trying to develop a run-blocking right tackle.
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