Robert Brewster, OT/OG, Ball State

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Robert Brewster, OT/OG, Ball State

Postby Pudge » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:19 pm

Robert Brewster
6-4/325 Ball State
5.29 Senior

Pros: Has decent feet. An effective position blocker in the ground game that flashes some pop and strength. Has a mean streak and finishes his blocks. Does a decent job blocking on the second level and can pull and block in space.

Cons: Gets too deep in his pass drops and doesn't stay square. Won't initiate contact with defender, and lacks ideal size and strength to get push in the ground game.

Overview: Gets a lot of reps blocking on the second level than as an inline blocker. Plays tackle, but will have to move to guard at the next level to really stick. Needs to improve his technique and footwork in pass protection. Started predominantly at right tackle, but did get some work at right guard as a freshman.

NFL Forecast: Could make a decent utility backup at the next level. Ideally will play guard, but might have just enough ability to play some tackle and center as well. But he's got a lot to learn to play either of those two. For now, his only real potential to impact immediately is if he moves inside to guard. Probably will never be a starter, but can make a halfway decent utility backup. Don't see him having a long NFL career, but could bounce around the league for a few years. If he can get stronger and more physical as a run blocker, then he'll have a chance to stick around for a bit longer. But in a scheme that likes to pull its guards and get them moving in space, he could be a nice backup.

ATL Forecast: Brewster would have a shot at making it as a backup in Atlanta, but is a bit too much of a project to really think he'd be anything more than a practice squad player in the immediate future. Maybe if he could spend some time there, all the while adding strength, might make a decent backup swing guard. But more than likely, he wouldn't make the cut in Atlanta.

Value: Not worth drafting, but bring him to camp and see what he can do.
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