Travis Bright, OG, Brigham Young

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Travis Bright, OG, Brigham Young

Postby Pudge » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:19 pm

Travis Bright
6-4/317 BYU
5.27 Senior

Pros: Has good strength and gets good position inside as a drive blocker. Is a knee bender with decent footwork and plays with nice technique. A capable cut blocker that can block on the second level. Has a nice mean streak and delivers a nice punch to defender.

Cons: Doesn't always lock onto defender and needs to improve his hand use. Not great athlete, and just okay on the second level or blocking on the move.

Overview: Bright is a straight-ahead drive blocker that works well in a zone blocking scheme. He relies on getting position rather than pushing the pile. But he's a sound technician.

NFL Forecast: The type of guy that isn't flashy, but simply gets the job done. Bright can become an effective starter at the next level if he gets a bit stronger, improves his technique, and plays in a zone-heavy scheme. He could work well in Houston because of the amount of cut blocking they'd use. At the very least, I expect him to be a capable backup, even if he never gets the opportunity to be a starter. The type of guy that may play for 8 years in the NFL, and may only start for 2 or 3 of them, but should be effective during those times. He's the type of guy that can complete an already solid line, but isn't really going to make it better.

ATL Forecast: Bright is a similar style player to Harvey Dahl and would work well in Atlanta as a right guard prospect. Not sure he's much better option than Dahl at this point, but down the road if Dahl was to get injured, the offense shouldn't miss a beat with him in the spot. If the team lost both Dahl and Clabo in the coming years, then Bright would be a nice replacement option.

Value: Bright is worth a fifth or sixth round pick because he is primarily a target to help depth, but has some upside to start.
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