Patrick Brown, OT, Central Florida

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Patrick Brown, OT, Central Florida

Postby Pudge » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:18 pm

Patrick Brown
6-5/292 Central Florida
5.20 Senior

Pros: Has a good mean streak with decent footwork and technique. Sets up nicely and initiates contact. Will lock onto defender. Has adequate mobility.

Cons: Lacks athleticism. Nothing special when he's pulling or working as a drive blocker. Has slow feet and will struggle against speed rushers. Lacks pop in the running game and needs to get stronger because he gets pushed back too often.

Overview: He's a bit of a tweener, as he doesn't have the feet to play on the left side, nor the size to play on the right. May need to move inside. He was a four-year starter at left tackle at UCF.

NFL Forecast: He's a capable blocker, but nothing special. The type of guy that could be a capable starter in a lesser league, but would be hard-pressed to even land a backup position in the pros. Could impress a team with his mean streak, and might be able to stick as a swing tackle. He's probably a better fit for the right side because his weaknesses wouldn't be as apparent there, but only could stick there if he gets bigger and stronger as a run blocker. As a guard, might be OK, but nothing special either because he still lacks pop in the ground game. At best a backup, but will be hard-pressed to stick.

ATL Forecast: Brown is good enough to get a look on the Falcons practice squad as a possible swing tackle candidate, but probably lacks the upside to really expect him to stick beyond a year or two. Eventually someone better is probably going to come along and beat him out for the job. Too raw of a guard prospect at this point to expect him to stick there either.

Value: Not worth a draft pick, but see if he can come into camp and outwork somebody for a job.
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