Scott Burley, OT, Maryland

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Scott Burley, OT, Maryland

Postby Pudge » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:18 pm

Scott Burley
6-5/315 Maryland
5.45 Senior

Pros: Has good strength and potential to push the pile as a drive blocker. Does a decent job locking onto the defender in the ground game.

Cons: Has poor footwork in pass protection. Slow off snap both as a run and pass blocker. Struggles blocking on the move and needs to improve his hand use. Tends to be injury prone.

Overview: He's primarily a run blocker that gets by because of his size and strength more so than any real solid technique. Split starts this past year at left and right tackle, after starting his junior year on the left side.

NFL Forecast: If he can be developed, and improve his technique, he might make a decent backup right tackle. But he's raw and a project. Some teams might try to move him inside because of his poor footwork and technique in pass protection, but I don't think he'd be a much better option there since he needs to be quicker off the snap to push the pile. Best suited for a man-blocking scheme that likes to straight into the defense's teeth. At best, he's a decent backup right tackle. But more than likely, he'll bounce around the league for a few summers without really sticking.

ATL Forecast: Burley might get a decent shot as a backup behind Clabo because of his potential as a run blocker, but he's too much of a liability in pass protection. He could land on the practice squad, but unless he made significant strides in technique and pass blocking, it's doubtful he'd stick.

Value: Not worth drafting, but his size and strength potential make him worth a look in camp.
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