George Bussey, OG, Louisville

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George Bussey, OG, Louisville

Postby Pudge » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:18 pm

George Bussey
6-3/306 Louisville
5.23 Senior

Pros: Has a good mean streak and finishes his blocks. Locks onto defenders and does a nice job initiating contact. Effective wall-off blocker that is quick off the snap in the ground game. Does a good job taking out backside linebacker on second level, opening up cutback lanes. Effective drive blocker because he keeps his feet moving.

Cons: Has poor footwork and technique in pass protection. Opens up stance too wide, too early. Plays with poor balance and has equal trouble with speed and bull rushers. Lacks strength and gets pushed around by 250-pounders at end. Short-armed.

Overview: Plays primarily left tackle, but has some experience at left guard. The latter position is probably where he's going in the pros. Also think he could play some center as well. He'll turn 25 in October.

NFL Forecast: He's a lost cause as a tackle, but if you move him inside in a zone blocking scheme he has a chance. Could make a nice utility player, especially if he can show some aptitude to playing center. But basically needs to get stronger in order to stick on the next level. He's a hard-worker but was miscast as a tackle on the edge. At best, he'll be just a backup at the next level, but he could potentially be a guy that can play all three interior positions if need be, making him valuable due to versatility.

ATL Forecast: Bussey could make an okay backup guard in Atlanta, but his best shot would be at center. More than likely, he'd only make the practice squad this year, but in that time, if he starts to pick up what it means to be a center, he could become a decent backup. He wouldn't really be much of an option to replace McClure down the road, but would be an all-in-one interior backup.

Value: Don't draft him, but he's definitely worth a look in camp to see how much aptitude he has playing inside.
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