Gerald Cadogan, OT/OG, Penn State

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Gerald Cadogan, OT/OG, Penn State

Postby Pudge » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:17 pm

Gerald Cadogan
6-5/310 Penn State
5.12 Senior

Pros: Has nice size and strength. Gets good position and provides some push in the running game. Is a very good cut blocker. Does a nice job initiating contact. Solid on the second level and does a nice job pulling.

Cons: Has average feet and will have trouble with speed rushers at the next level. Waist-bender and gets caught lunging. Not a powerful run blocker. Not a great athlete and not consistently quick off the snap.

Overview: Cadogan is a solid technician that gets the job done. Replaced Levi Brown at left tackle the past two years. Also played some at left guard as a sophomore.

NFL Forecast: I'm not sure he has the ideal upside at tackle at the next level. But if he moves to right tackle, he stands a lot better chance than if he stays on the left side. He can be a capable starting left tackle perhaps for a zone blocking team, but he needs some work. I could see him being a good fit for a team like the Colts as a developmental backup behind Ugoh. I think he projects better on the right side, because he'll need less work in pass protection. But I think his greatest potential will rest if he moves inside to guard. He should bulk up some, but he could be a solid fit as a starter. He doesn't have great upside to be a dominant player regardless of where he plays. But he's a fairly consistent guy that should be an effective starter. But he offers nice versatility, and he could potentially play four of the five line positions.

ATL Forecast: Cadogan would be a nice pickup for the Falcons. He could step in fairly quickly as a swing tackle this year. He wouldn't be the ideal candidate to potentially replace Baker if he can't get over his injury issues down the road. But would be a decent stopgap option in a year or two. Instead, Cadogan would fit better on the right side for the Falcons, potentially challenging either of the starters within a year or two. I think he can be the caliber of player like a Jake Scott.

Value: Cadogan could get some looks in the middle rounds. But probably the best place to draft him is the fifth or sixth round.
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