Antoine Caldwell, OC/OG, Alabama

Scouting Reports of centers, guards, and offensive tackles in the 2009 NFL Draft.
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Antoine Caldwell, OC/OG, Alabama

Postby Pudge » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:17 pm

Antoine Caldwell
6-3/310 Alabama
5.30 Senior

Pros: Is a physical guy that loves to run block. Scrappy and plays with a good mean streak. Is good in a short area and has good strength, enough to push the pile. Is smart and can call out assignments. Works well in the shotgun.

Cons: Not that great an athlete. Struggles when blocking on the second level because he has poor footwork and not fluid in space. Whiffs on too many blocks there. Struggles in pass protection due to lacking footwork and technique. Doesn't have consistent hand use and not always quick into his stance. Will overextend and lunge.

Overview: Caldwell is a solid run blocking center, but doesn't have great versatility and is limited when you ask him to do other things. Tends to get by off his strength rather than sound technique. He has experience starting at all three interior spots, although most of his work came at center.

NFL Forecast: I would compare him to a smaller version of Damien Woody, and I don't think he'll be able to stick at center long term. He is just not that versatile and when he's not being a straight-ahead drive blocker he's not anything special. He can be an effective center, but I don't see him being great there. He'll be a lot like Chris Spencer, who has yet to develop into a capable NFL center despite being a former first round pick. Instead, he'll be more effective as a guard, particularly if he polishes up his technique and footwork. But more than likely, Caldwell will just be a backup that offers versatility off the bench rather than a really good starter. He's really only an average center and guard prospect.

ATL Forecast: Caldwell could challenge for the starting center position, but I doubt he does anything to distinguish himself from the group of backup-caliber centers already on the roster. His value to the Falcons in the near future would be more at guard rather center. As a Falcon center, he'll be more like Calvin Collins.

Value: Caldwell is worth a late round pick that would be a reach if taken before the sixth round.
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