Jon Cooper, OC, Oklahoma

Scouting Reports of centers, guards, and offensive tackles in the 2009 NFL Draft.
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Jon Cooper, OC, Oklahoma

Postby Pudge » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:17 pm

Jon Cooper
6-2/290 Oklahoma
5.00 Senior

Pros: A feisty player with a good mean streak. Can lock onto defender and finishes his blocks well. Is mobile and does a nice job on the second level taking out linebackers. Is a good position blocker that takes good angles. His nice footwork. Works very well out of the shotgun.

Cons: Lacks strength and gets little push in the ground game. Lacks size and struggles when left on an island. Will have to prove he can work in a standard NFL offense.

Overview: Cooper is a steady, consistent player that works well in Oklahoma's offense because he doesn't really have to push guys off the ball (that is what Robinson and Loadholt do). His job mainly is to take out linebackers. All the line calls are made from the sideline and rarely had to work with a direct snap, so that might be an obstacle to overcome. Played around 255 pounds for much of the season because of strep throat caused him to lose a lot of weight.

NFL Forecast: He's a steady player that if he can adjust to an NFL offense will be a solid center. He'll need to get stronger, but is adequate enough for some offenses. Works best in a zone blocking scheme that wants him to make blocks on the second level rather than block inline. He'll be an effective starter in such a scheme, but more than likely he'll be a backup in the NFL.

ATL Forecast: He's a similar player to McClure and would basically be a continuation of the same player. But more than likely he'll only be a backup here in Atlanta. He's not really a better option than the guys already on the roster, but in the think of the competition he could emerge as the starter. But he's not the ideal fit as a long-term option, and the Falcons would probably look to upgrade after a few seasons in the starting spot.

Value: Cooper is a nice late round prospect that would be best as an undrafted free agent. But a team wouldn't be mistaken for taking him late in the seventh.
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