Mike Dent, OC, West Virginia

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Mike Dent, OC, West Virginia

Postby Pudge » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:16 pm

Mike Dent
6-2/300 West Virginia
5.23 Senior

Pros: Is a nice position blocker that does a nice job in the running game. Has good mobility, can pull, and does a nice job on the second level. Delivers a nice punch and has good hand use. Has nice footwork and technique.

Cons: Lacks size and strength won't push defenders off the ball. Doesn't do well when working out of the shotgun when bigger players line up over him.

Overview: Dent suffered a neck stinger late in the year and it has sidelined him since, so that will need to be checked out. But he's an efficient blocker that works well in WVU's zone spread attack. Started his career as a defensive end before moving to center as a redshirt freshman.

NFL Forecast: Dent may have to take a redshirt year in the pros if the neck injury isn't serious. He's not a center for every body, but for a zone blocking team, he could be a solid backup. Probably not going to start, because I think he's going to continue to be plagued by issues against bigger defensive tackles, and that's all he'll face in the pros. But he has a chance to stick as a reserve for a team like Houston.

ATL Forecast: Dent is similar player to McClure, and thus is not an ideal option to succeed him since he's not likely to be any more effective when working on an island. But he could be a decent backup, but more than likely, he'd just be a practice squad player. Eventually,t he team would likely find a better option off the bench.

Value: Dent is worth signing as a free agent if he is able to go this summer. Otherwise, you can add him next year.
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