Alex Fletcher, OC, Stanford

Scouting Reports of centers, guards, and offensive tackles in the 2009 NFL Draft.
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Alex Fletcher, OC, Stanford

Postby Pudge » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:14 pm

Alex Fletcher
6-2/299 Stanford
5.43 Senior

Pros: A solid position blocker that has good mean streak. Locks onto defenders and does a good job finishing. Works well in the shotgun or direct snap. Has potential as a cut blocker.

Cons: Can get bull rushed and pushed back into the pocket. Lacks pop off the snap and won't push pile. Isn't great the second level and not that fluid working in space.

Overview: He's a good short-area player that is strong for his size and shows potential as a run blocker. He started predominantly at guard, but injuries forced a permanent move to center as a sophomore and held spot since.

NFL Forecast: Fletcher is a player that is going to stick at the next level. He's not a great athlete or the biggest guy, but is one of those hard- working types that winds up starting for several years in the NFL like Hank Fraley. Fletcher isn't great in pass protection, but he makes up for it with his potential as a run blocker. Isn't going to be a powerful blocker in the middle, but will be one of those guys that plays on a line that is one of the top rushing teams on an annual basis. He won't be a start, but should be a steady starter.

ATL Forecast: He'd be a nice developmental prospect for the Falcons. He won't be great, but has the potential to be a nice successor to McClure in a year or two. Could be a fixture in the middle for several years. Could also work as a reserve guard as well. At the very least, he'd be a solid reserve center for the Falcons. And probably would be signed by another to be their starter in four or five years.

Value: Because he doesn't have huge upside, he is just a late round pick, but would be worth a pick as high as a sixth round pick.
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