Ramon Foster, OT/OG, Tennessee

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Ramon Foster, OT/OG, Tennessee

Postby Pudge » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:14 pm

Ramon Foster
6-5/327 Tennessee
5.61 Senior

Pros: Has good strength and pop as a run blocker. A capable drive blocker that shows a nice mean streak and initiates contact. Can be somewhat effective on trap and pulls because of his size. A capable cut blocker.

Cons: Needs to improve his footwork and technique in pass protection. Will struggle with speed rushers and doesn't stay square long enough on his drops. Is inconsistent in the running game because he doesn't always show good pop or ability to push defender off the ball. Overly relies on his strength rather than pop and position to clear running lanes. Not as physically dominating as you'd expect a player his size. Blocks high and needs to use his hands better. Winds up on the ground too much, indicating poor balance.

Overview: He has potential as a run blocker, but is a bit too inconsistent and unpolished as far as technique goes. Primarily worked at right tackle for the Vols, but does have limited experience at guard. Younger brother of Renardo Foster.

NFL Forecast: Foster has potential to be an effective right tackle at the next level. But he's fairly one-dimensional and would struggle in pass protection. If he can improve his technique, he could be effective there because he's so big and strong. But he really needs a lot of improvement there to be trusted as a starter. Some teams might move him inside and he could potentially be better there since it could mask some of his flaws in pass protection. Either way, he's not going to contribute much early on. If you can give him two or three years on the bench to develop and improve, then he stands a good chance to compete. But more than likely, Foster will be a career backup that probably at best could be another Pork Chop Womack.

ATL Forecast: Foster could add some size at right tackle, but isn't going to be a threat to unseat Clabo anytime soon. He could push for time at guard, but again would probably need a few years to develop there. More than likely, Foster would be a decent backup right tackle that can also add depth inside, giving the team a stronger version of Ojinnaka on the right side.

Value: For a team that is willing to develop him and show some patience, he'd merit a seventh round pick because of his potential as a run blocker on the right side.
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