Jake Griffin, OC, South Florida

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Jake Griffin, OC, South Florida

Postby Pudge » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:12 pm

Jake Griffin
6-4/308 South Florida
5.47 Senior

Pros: Has an excellent mean streak and really gets after defenders. Shows some mobility. Is quick into his stance and gets good position. Works well both in shotgun and direct snap.

Cons: Lacks strength and doesn't provide much push in the ground game. Gets bull-rushed. Doesn't have great footwork and struggles when working in space. Doesn't lock on to defenders consistently, and will whiff on blocks on the second level.

Overview: Griffin is a hard-working player that became a starter at USF as an injury replacement as a junior, but didn't relinquish the job since.

NFL Forecast: He's physically overmatched and is really just a marginal athlete. But he's a hard worker that is the type of player that manages to stick around because coaches love his mean streak, toughness, and work ethic. He has good size, but he's not going to give you great things in the running game. But he's better than as a pass protector. He'll be hard-pressed to make it as a starter, but I could see him sticking five or more years as a reserve.

ATL Forecast: Griffin could challenge for a practice squad spot, but he's not going to unseat any of the reserves already on the roster. He lacks upside to develop down the road, and would really just be an average backup at best down the road.

Value: He's not worth drafting, but someone should bring him to camp as a free agent.
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