Greg Isdaner, OG, West Virginia

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Greg Isdaner, OG, West Virginia

Postby Pudge » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:11 pm

Greg Isdaner
6-4/324 West Virginia
5.28 Junior

Pros: He has potential as a drive blocker. Does a nice job initiating contact with defenders and can lock on. Uses his hands well and has a nice punch. Is quick off the snap and able to get position. Shows nice mobility and does a nice job on the second level.

Cons: Needs to improve his footwork and technique in pass protection. Doesn't have strength to consistently push defenders off the ball.

Overview: Isdaner is solid in WVU's zone spread attack, but is one of their few blockers that has potential to play in other schemes. Surprising that he opted to come out early when he could have been a first day pick next year. Spent three years as a starter at left guard. Missed the past two springs recovering from shoulder surgeries.

NFL Forecast: Isdaner has potential to be a capable starter, but needs more work in pass protection. But he's a steady player that doesn't overwhelm you but in time could be a nice technician. He's not a guy that is going to get a whole lot bigger, so he'll have to work basically with what he has. But if he can improve his technique, then he should be fine. He'll work well for a zone blocking team, but also has potential to project in a man blocking scheme.

ATL Forecast: Isdaner has potential to be a starter for the Falcons. More than likely, he'd play right guard for the Falcons and challenge Dahl. He has greater upside than Dahl. Like Dahl, he's not great in pass protection, but has upside in the running game. But they are similar players and while Isdaner could prove to be a better starter than Dahl, he's unlikely to be a significantly better player.

Value: Isdaner has starter potential, but doesn't overwhelm you with his ability. He's a solid middle round pick that should go in Round Four.
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