Andy Kemp, OG, Wisconsin

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Andy Kemp, OG, Wisconsin

Postby Pudge » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:11 pm

Andy Kemp
6-5/306 Wisconsin
5.35 Senior

Pros: He has nice size and strength, showing himself to be a nice finesse blocker that takes good angles. Shows nice mobility and can block on the second level.

Cons: Is not a powerful run blocker and nothing special in pass protection.

Overview: Kemp is a guy that simply gets the job done. Got most of his starts at left guard, but also played some right guard, giving him some versatility.

NFL Forecast: Kemp is a nice zone blocking linemen that isn't going to wow you, but is efficient. For a zone blocking team, he has some upside as a starter, but will probably just be average in that role. Effective and efficient are the best adjectives to describe him. At the very least, he should be a capable backup in the league for several years. But you don't love his upside.

ATL Forecast: Kemp is a player similar to Dahl, but is not as powerful a run blocker. But if the team opted not to re-sign Dahl in the near future, Kemp could potentially step in and fill in as the starter. There might be a slight dip in run blocking, but it wouldn't be a huge drop-off. Put Kemp between a capable tackle and center, then he'll do fine, which he can do in Atlanta. But he'd probably only be a starter for a year or two before the Falcons tried to upgrade over him.

Value: Kemp is a nice late round pick that I'd take at the end of the fifth or in the sixth.
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