Phil Loadholt, OT, Oklahoma

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Phil Loadholt, OT, Oklahoma

Postby Pudge » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:10 pm

Phil Loadholt
6-8/332 Oklahoma
5.45 Senior

Pros: Has massive size and is a potentially dominant drive blocker. Moves well for his size and at times can be an effective blocker on the second level. Has a strong hand punch in pass protection. Does a nice job using his size to get position out on the edge.

Cons: Not as physically dominant as a player his size and doesn't thrive in short area. Needs to improve his footwork and technique in pass protection. Really has trouble with speed rushers and shows floppy footwork. Doesn't always lock onto defenders in the ground game. Will block high and tends to be top-heavy. Can't adjust in space because he's stiff. Not nearly as effective when he's blocking on the move and inconsistent hitting his assignments on the second level. He's a waist bender with a tendency to lunge.

Overview: Loadholt mans the left side with Duke Robinson at Oklahoma giving the Sooners the most dominant left side in the country when it comes to running the ball. Not so much in pass protection. Former JUCO player that started for two years at left tackle. Was suspended for season opener this past year due to a DUI.

NFL Forecast: Loadholt has all the tools you're looking for in a dominant, drive-blocking right tackle. He doesn't stand much of a chance at left tackle in the pros. NFL ends will eat him alive. But he has potential to move to the right side. But with the increase of athletic left ends in the league, he can still have issues in pass protection. I'm not sure Loadholt will really get better than he is at this point. I think he's a fairly one-dimensional player. He blocks high, which is difficult to avoid because of his height, but NFL players will be much more adept at turning that against him. He could potentially move inside like a Leonard Davis, but I don't see him being that much more effective there. He's the type of player that can be a successful tight end if his team often keeps him covered up by a tight end. So a team that uses a lot of two tight end sets would probably have more success than a team that likes to spread the field with receivers. I think he'll be a solid but not dominant run blocker, but his limitations in pass protection will prevent him from being a top right tackle.

ATL Forecast: Barring the Falcons upgrading with a pass-catching tight end, Loadholt could work well in Atlanta as a right tackle. He has potential to be a very good run blocker, although I'm not sure he'll be consistently good. He's going to need at least a year to develop before you should ask him to start. He has potential that is worth developing, but don't be shocked if he never reaches it. He'll suffer from the same bouts of inconsistency that plagued other huge blockers like Bryant McKinnie, Marcus McNeill, etc. The difference is that Loadholt lacks those players athleticism, so he's already worse off.

Value: Loadholt has second round potential, but I'd wait until the third to take him.
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