Seth Olsen, OG/OT, Iowa

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Seth Olsen, OG/OT, Iowa

Postby Pudge » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:09 pm

Seth Olsen
6-5/305 Iowa

Pros: Has nice size and shows nice pop off the snap, able to get good position and takes good angles. A nice downhill blocker that fits well in a zone blocking scheme. Shows some mobility and does a nice job initiating contact in pass protection.

Cons: Needs to improve his footwork in pass protection. Can be stiff- legged and slow footed at times, giving him issues when blocking on an island. Is not great on the second level. Lacks power and won't be a drive blocker.

Overview: Olsen is a good fit in Iowa's zone blocking scheme. He's an effective position blocker. His split his time at right guard and right tackle over the past three years as a starter. He has the versatile to play on the outside at the next level, but a bit raw there.

NFL Forecast: Olsen has the potential to be another Cooper Carlisle, as a utility blocker in a zone blocking scheme. I think he needs work in pass protection with his footwork to play tackle, but I think he shows enough ability there that he can get by there. But primarily will be a guard at the next level. I don't think he'll be a starter, but down the road like Carlisle might be a serviceable stopgap. But he could add nice depth to a team.

ATL Forecast: Olsen could be a decent backup for the Falcons, but lacks the upside to really be a starter. He'd need to get a bit stronger to be most effective, but he'll never be a power blocker. Could be a nice backup that could swing between guard and tackle on the right side, but is not the ideal candidate for either spot and could probably be replaced within a few seasons.

Value: Olsen adds depth for a zone blocking team, but is only worth a seventh round pick due to lacking upside.
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