Dane Randolph, OT, Maryland

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Dane Randolph, OT, Maryland

Postby Pudge » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:07 pm

Dane Randolph
6-5/305 Maryland
5.15 Senior

Pros: Is a decent athlete with decent feet. Shows some pop and potential as a drive blocker. Has a good mean streak and does a nice job initiating contact. Is effective blocking on the move and on the second level.

Cons: Inconsistent footwork and poor technique. Gets too deep on his pass drops and needs to improve his hand use and placement in pass protection. Doesn't have great strength and doesn't consistently get push in the ground game.

Overview: Randolph's poor technique outside likely prompts a move inside to guard. Started half this past year at right tackle until Scott Burley moved over from left tackle in the second half of the season. Started as a junior at right tackle as well.

NFL Forecast: Randolph will likely have to move inside to have a chance at sticking in the pros. His poor technique and questionable footwork could be masked somewhat if he played guard. He has potential to develop as a run blocker. Might be a competent backup tackle in a zone blocking scheme. Either way, he's probably a few years from competing. Might be good enough to stick on a team's practice squad for a year or two and hopefully then be ready to compete for a backup spot. But don't expect him to contribute much until three or four years down the road.

ATL Forecast: Randolph might make the Falcons practice squad if he moves inside at guard. But wouldn't really be a factor outside tackle. You hope he can develop much the same way as Harvey Dahl. But it's doubtful that he would, as there aren't that many Harvey Dahls that develop in this league.

Value: Randolph is worth bringing to camp, but don't waste a draft pick on him.
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